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If you want to try the HV-formant standalone version than, read the Quick Guide
If you want to try the HV-formant VSTi plugin version and don't know what VST plugins are, you can read the HV-Formant and EnergyXT2 Guide

Version History

Version 1.11 posted on September 30 2010

  • Corrected an error in the Unison detuner.
  • Corrected erros in the LFO syncing function.

Version 1.1 posted on October 20 2009

  • A complete new analysis module enables you to investigate both sound and control signals.
  • It is now possible to develop your own skin for the synth.
  • The VCF2 module now comprises a two stage filter with extra resonance and seperation parameters that enables you to create filters with special characteristics.
  • The VCA module now has an FX (effect) section with Overdrive, Distort and Saturation effects.
  • Overdrive, Distort and exponent Functions added to the MIX modules.
  • The key memory function is changed. It now latches keys or chords. This enables you to time/trigger the polyphonic sequencer.
  • It is now possible to mute and unmute indvidual or all sequencer strips.
  • Lots of new presets that use the new functions.

Version 1.04 posted on June 6 2008

  • Added wave Morphing to the VCO modules.
  • Redesigned mix modules. It is now possible to select different function from the mixer modules. Mix, Invert Mix, Multiplication or Ring Modulation, Addition and Subtracktion.
  • Since the MIX modules now include RM, Ring Modulation the old RM Module is now changed to a MIX3 module.
  • Added +/- 20 new presets.

Version 1.03 posted on May 14 2008

  • New filters added to the VCF modules
  • Parametric equaliser added to the RFM module
  • Velocity dynamics on ENV modules improved
  • Glisando for mono presets implemented
  • Pitch wheel settings implemented
  • Corrected some errors

Version 1.02 posted on April 17 2008
Corrected some processor load issues

Version 1.01 posted on April 3 2008
Corrected some errors in the key memory module.

Version 1.00b posted on March 27 2008
Initial release.