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Formant-Classic Downloads
[posted: 18-4-2008 13:22]

Version 1.1 (19-8-2010)
The latest version of the program for free individual use. This download contains both standalone and VSTi plugin versions.

Reference Book
"EleKtor Formant music synthesiser" description, design, construction and introduction to playing techniques. By C. Chapman

Original front panels and other grapics used in Synthmaker
All artwork is done with paint.net. you can download this software from www.getpaint.net

The Formant Classic is developed with Synthmaker. You can download a 30 day trial version here.

Program and source v1.01 (22-11-2008)
For the introduction of the formant classic on the Elektor Live Event, I made a lot of changes:

  • A complete make over of the interface module. It now includes voice selection, Unison selection, potamento and glisando.
  • Implemented an alternative way of gating and triggering that enables the possibility to add a sequencer and or appegiator and allow the addition of new envelope modules.
  • Implemented new velocity sensetive linear or exponential envelope modules based on the HV-Formant modules.

Program and source v1.00 (30-4-2008)
Formant Classic v1.00 executable and Synthmaker schematic

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