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[posted: 23-11-2008 16:43 ]
A few weeks ago, Denis Meyer from Elektor asked me if I wanted to be a guest speaker at their Elektor Live Event. At this event 1500 visitors got the opportunity to get informed about the activity's of the Elektor Electronic magazine with demonstrations, seminars etc.. (see link below)

In 4 one hour sessions Denis Meyer and I, talked about the history and the future of the Formant Synthesizer. This synthesizer was one of the biggest electronic building projects of the magazine published in 1978/79. I based the "HV-Formant" and the "Formant Classic" software synthesiser on this legendary building project. Denis talked about the history and the importance of the Formant, the way he as a music teacher got interested in electronic music and how many people still have warm feelings about this great project and electronic music making in general. In the second part of the seminar I talked about my experience in building the Formant in the early eighty's and about the new technologies that are available today, that allowed me to rebuild this legendary synth into two software emulated versions.

Based on the interest of the audience and their positive reactions, I feel that there is an enormous interest among people, both young and old to actively participated into new electronic music related DIY projects.

If you are interested or curious, you can download the complete "Formant Classic" (a software version of the original formant) and the tools it was build with from here.

I want to thank the Elektor team and specially Denis Meyer for giving me the opportunity to express my ideas for such a large audience and hope that in the near future new electronic music making projects wil arive.

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