1.1 HV-Formant Overview
The "HV-Formant" is a modular virtual analog subtractive synthesizer with standard stereo or experimental "Heptaverton Surround" capabilities.

Move over the different modules in the picture to get a short explanation of the module. If you click the module you wil go to the corresponding chapter for a detailed explanation.

If you are a PC musician beginner and want to know how you can get the HV-Formant working as a plugin in a VST host sequencer program, you can read the chapter: HV-Formant and EnergyXT2

If you want to use the standalone version, read the Quick Guide

The HV-Formant is almost 100% modular, this means great flexibility but also easy to mess things up. Before you start turning knobs please read the "general working principle" chapter.

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