2.7 The S/H Module
The Sample and Hold module wil generate a gate signal that is routed to the GATE terminals on the ENV1, ENV2 and ENV3 modules and a modulation signal that is routed to the modulation terminals.

At the IN terminal you select the signal that has to be sampled. The strength of the signal is determined by the IN knob. Each time the time interval you select with the SPD, S(beat) knob expires, the value of the IN signal is sampled and hold until the interval expires again.

The GLIDE knob serves two functions. For the S/H modulation signal, that is sent to all the modulation terminals the GLIDE knob determines the transition speed between two sampled values. For the S/H gate signal that is sent to the Gate terminals of ENV1, ENV2 and ENV3, the GLIDE knob dtermines whether the Gate signal is 1 or 0. If the sampled signal is greater than the glide value 1 is sent otherwise 0 is sent.

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