2.2 The VCF Module
VCF1 and VCF2 are the main filters of the synth. With filters you are able to manipulate frequencys in a sound. For instance a lowpass filter only alows frequencies below a surtain frequency (CUT) in the source signal to pass through. The cutoff (CUT) value can be timbre modulate (TM) or controlled by a envelope (ENV). VCF1 and VCF2 are Tracking Filters, this means that the cutoff point is able to follow the ground frequency of the input signal. Like the VCO the name VCF is comming from the analog era and stands for Voltage Controlled Filter. The tracking is done by a controll voltage (CV). If you have selected KEY (keyboard) at VCO1 and selected VCO1 as the input for the filter than if you also select KEY at the CV terminal of the VCF and put the CV knob at half, the filter will follow the ground frequency of the VCO.

Filter list

  • Lowpass
  • Highpass
  • Bandpass
  • Notch
  • Badboy
  • LP-Analog
  • RBJ-Lowpass
  • RBJ-Bandpass1
  • RBJ-Bandpass2
  • RBJ-Highpass
  • RBJ-Notch
  • RBJ-Allpass
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